Phoenix Model Flying Club (Dorset)

Rules - Club Model 2010 "Prangster"

The competiton will comprise of three parts:

1: Concours de elegance.
Held at Carey Hall. Prizes for first, second and third as voted for by the members on the night.

2: Flying competitions 1 & 2.

Results added together resulting in a first, second and third.

The two flying competitions will take place at Trigon.

Each competition will comprise of six “tasks”. Each competitor will be responsible for securing a “Prangster Buddy”, who will carry their model to and from the the patch, be safety aware, be responsible for timings etc.

Each “task” starts with a touch and go.

The six tasks:

1: Time and glide.
Starting with a touch and go, climb for xxxx (time to be confirmed), and kill engine. 0ne point per second until wheels touch the ground (within the confines of the patch).

2: Spot Landing:
Starting with a touch and go, climb to 200ft +/-, kill engine and glide to a marked spot on the patch. 100 points for stopping on the spot. One point deduction for every foot away from the spot. (ie: 50ft away = score of 50 points).

3: Helium Balloon Bursting:
Starting with a touch and go, two minutes allocated to burst a tethered Helium balloon. (120 secs. total allocated, eg: if balloon is burst after 30 seconds, score = 90 points).

Starting with a touch and go, three rolls and three loops in the quickest time, 120 secs. allocated, so if ROOPS are completed in 50 secs. Score = 70 points.

5: Bomb Dropping:
Plastacine “bomb” is dropped from model on to target on patch. Scoring as per spot landing. (Bomb and carrier supplied). 2 Mins. to complete task from a touch and go start.

6: Touch and goes:
Starting with a touch and go, one point per touch and go within a two minute window.

The above tasks are yet to be “test flown” and may change prior to the event.




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