Phoenix Model Flying Club (Dorset)


This year we will continue to run two variations of our thermal competitions.
The POSTAL competition, consisting of 3x 10 minute flights attempted in the one hour slot, will run from April to September. Best 4 scores to count.
The five events on specific days will be run to the now well established ROUND ROBIN format, competitors will fly against each other. Best 4 scores to count. Separate score sheets are provided for each type of competition.

Rules are as follows:

  1. Any electric powered soaring model (except expensive ARTF’s) using a maximum number of 3 servos. (Rudder, elevator & optional top wing mounted barn door type, spoiler/air brake only.)
  2. One direct drive standard ferrite 600 (max.) motor to be used. Motor must not be dismantled or modified in any way. Maximum retail price of motor £12. (MIG 600 7.2v or Multiplex Permax 600 7.2v motor recommended.)
  3. Maximum 7 cell Nicad or Nickel Metal Hydride pack only to be used, pack may be charged/changed between flights. (4/5 C NiMH 2200 x 7 cells recommended.)
  4. Standard Graupner 20 x 11 (Imperial measure 8 x 4.5) CAM folding propeller and hub only to be used. A replacement plastic spinner, of similar size, may be substituted.
  5. Wing to remain fixed both cordwise and spanwise (except for optional top wing mounted, barn door type, spoiler/air brake only).
  6. a. Monthly Postal events: Up to two models may be used, pilot to touch the model between flights. b. Round Robin events: No limit to the number of models to be used.
  7. 45 second motor run, only at the beginning of the flight.
  8. No telemetry assistance to be used either directly or indirectly.
  9. Frequency priority will be given to flyers having already started their slot.
  10.  Each competitor is responsible for securing a timekeeper and recording results.
  11.  Round robin events score 1 point for a win, or ½ point for a draw if still flying at 15 minutes. (If more than 2 flying against each other, score 1 pt. for each pilot defeated).
  12.  a. Monthly Postal events: Max flight time 10 minutes. b. Round Robin events: Max flight time 15 minutes. If both (or more) pilots draw or are still flying at 15 minutes then the points are shared equally. If 3 pilots fly the maximum of 15 minutes then each pilot scores ½ pt + ½ pt = 1 point. 4 pilots 1.5 points each. 5 pilots 2 points each. Points are shared with equal scores or if appropriate a fly off arranged with unlimited time.
  13.  Best 4 scores to count.
  14.  If more than one competition takes place overall positions will be calculated for each round as follows; Winner 10 points; 2nd 9; 3rd 8; 4th 7; 5th 6; 6th 5; 7th 4; 8th 3; all others achieving a score of 2 points. Overall tie break to be highest placings.
  15.  Entry fee £1 per contest or £5 for the series to be paid at the beginning.
  16.  Return timesheets + entry fee, to the Contest Director, whose decisions are final.


Chris Hague                                                                                        Ref: 2011PMFCETC



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