Phoenix Model Flying Club (Dorset)

Club Model 2010 - Prangster


It's easy to build, it's ideal for any standard of pilot and apart from it being as ugly as they come it's pretty much indestructible. (Although a few have tried really hard to disprove that last comment!)

What an amazing job our members have done to make them look terrific!

Competition Report

Well, what a great day it turned out to be, despite the weather gusting 20mph + and the wind chill down to only 5 degrees, seven competitors made it to the start line.

Some things we found out today.

Prangster's will bite badly if flown to slowly (drop a wing and spin in).

They will cope with hard cartwheel landings.

They will cope with fast downwind landings.

They have a good speed range...from ballistic to walking pace.

The roll rate is amazing.

A few highlights of the day:

Phil flying the flag by going first.....and demonstrating the easiest way to break an engine mount.
Peter showing us all how to do it the "electric way".
The sound of Garry's model hitting a tree at full-chat.
Brian giving a fantastic demo of how well the model will spin.
Dave changing his name to "Banzai Billy".
Nigel showing us all how to fly with the throttle stuck on full bore.
Simon destroying the wobbly Depron pole.

A huge thanks from us all to Malcolm for timing, flying the tug and generally helping out.

Anyway here are the results so far for round 1, round will be held on Sunday the 13th of June at 12.00. The scores of the two events being added together.

7: Brian
6: Garry
5: Nigel
4: Peter
3: Phil
2: Dave
1: Simon

We all suffered damage of one sort or its off to the workshop to start repairing (again)!.

Safe flying


Bent Prangster

Well, I did say they were ALMOST indestructible!
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