Phoenix Model Flying Club (Dorset)

Jaguar Event 2008

Thanks to all those who supported this event. Pictures courtesy of Janice, Glenn and Lee.

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Before you can put on a good show you have to make sure that there is a good runway available. On the mower is Rod having taken over from Janice who got the patch off to a good start. With a contribution from Phil and Dave It took an hour to complete. There was a concern that it's perfection may entice an early landing of the Palmair flight returning to Bournemouth International from Majorca!
Glenn converses with the crowd disclosing his expertise in aircraft design, fight characteristics, engine performance and how to extinguish a fat fire in the household kitchen.
Then it was off to the newly mown patch to show the crown that he has the flying skills to go with all of his knowledge.
What's this? Glen has donned his fluorescent tabard and is off on a mission..but why?
There were plenty of aircraft for the masses to enjoy. The vast majority took to the air, too, during the course of the day
Rod takes a bow and offers a low fly past to please the crowd
There's plenty of runway but sometimes you just need to get air bourne
Some had fish and chips, others sausage and chips with lashings of salt vinegar and ketchup but Rod stuck firm to his healthy diet under close scrutiny!
Rod had finished his lunch Dave had devoured his sausage and chips and gets his Cub air bourne into a holding pattern.

Rod joined in close formation providing a spectacle for the crown before landing simultaneously on the perfectly mown airstrip..

What's going on here?

There's spectators on the patch.

They think it's all over.



So, that's where Glenn was going. Some friendly advice on flight line safety and an opportunity to explain why the differential pressure of air flowing over a model aircraft wing is why the plane takes to the skies.... and another chance to explain the best way of extinguishing the common kitchen fat fire.

Dave's UcanDo about to take to the does that engine keep on going?

Hang on a minute..what's the point of preparing a runway if you are not going to use it!!


One of the problems of having a tightly mown runway is that it's easy to shoot off the end. Still there is always a water pipe to halt proceedings.

There may only have been 4 pilots on the day but the flying hardly ever stopped. It was said that there was more flying on this day that had taken place all year!

Let's hope we get an invite for 2009.


See you all next year!

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