Phoenix Model Flying Club (Dorset)

Sandford 2010

The Sandford Fete in brilliant sunshine!

An early start at the school in preparation for what turned out to be great day for everyone. Even Dave soon forgot that there was still part of his UcanDo in a tree behind the school.

Janice had been up even earlier getting the equipment from Trigon. It didn't take long for the marquee to be erected. No viagra necessary.
It was fantastic to see Glenn on the mend and able to fly. Rod had just been talking to Glenn about his operation when this photo was taken but he soon got back in his stride and decided where the posts had to go.
The wind was lighter than Friday evening but it presented the pilots with some tricky cross wind take offs and landings. It's difficult to know the best place for the wind sock too as the landing strip is surrounded by trees that are getting bigger every year.

There were plenty of models on display. Thanks to those who bought a model to display even though they weren't flying.

So there we are, all set up and ready to go!
As I said, the wind direction was not the best and a few models opted for a hedge landing but no harm done. Thanks to Tony who seemed to revel in the art of retrieving aircraft from various positions around the landing strip. A personal thanks too, for salvaging the majority of my UcanDo.
Cyril came to the fete in is MG and it didn't take Rod long to see what it was like in the drivers seat. There was a rumour that the car was seen at the Clay Pipe around lunchtime and it proved dividends as Rod's flying dramatically improved in the afternoon!
There was some Prangster formation flying too. Well, the take off was in formation but a loose exhaust on Prangster 3 ended what could have been an awesome display.

The crowd were never disappointed though and Glenn yet again obliged with some Tiger Moth aerobatics; always a crowd pleaser.

And then it was all over! Off to the pub to celebrate the day and the invitation to do it all again next year!

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