Phoenix Model Flying Club (Dorset)

Kingston Maurward 2007

Balloon Bursting Competition?

Balloon Bursting
All those balloons and our Chairman managed to miss them all! Probably just as well. Hundreds of balloons were released from the arena to see whose will travel the furthest. We wouldn't want to spoil anyone's chances of winning would we Rod?


Peter Kessell's Pitts stole the show with a stunning display. Here it's captured on the steep decent following the contour of the land.

Of course, get the approach wrong and the crowd seem to like it even more! Still, no harm done and the next flight is every bit as good. I'm sure Peter will tell you about the engine bolts that disappeared!

This model, (left) taken rather skillfully by Glenn was a bit more natural in flight. Below, Simon adding yet more culture to the show!

Now, you can always try to launch a Spitfire 'Under-arm' but they tend to end up in bits!


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