Phoenix Model Flying Club (Dorset)

Trigon Hill WWII Day 2010

Thanks to all those who supported this event. Not much flying but a great day nevertheless!

The team assemble outside the mess ready to get airborne at a moments notice. To the left, on the table, sits the red bell waiting for someone to turn the handle a shout "Scramble"!

And that's what happened a few minutes later so we all went into the caravan to see if the eggs were ready!

With a full stomach and an air of contentment one pilot falls asleep next to his aircraft while others prepare for flight!
The ground crew check the wind direction and speed and a lone pilot decides to get into the air despite the recommendation to remain grounded due to the high winds. Malcolm was heard to say "Don't worry about the strong winds, the airplane doesn't know any better"! as he drove away to the comfort of his warm abode and lounge chair.
Hearing the sound of a Mustang taking to the skies and admiring the bravery of the pilot Rod woke up and decided to join in. Meanwhile others contemplated the idea!
Then another joined in the sortie and soon there were 4 in the air.
While the British joined in tight formation a lonely Stuka pilot was oblivious to the enemy and continued to prepare his aircraft.

A Mustang flies past with no thought for the dangerous wind turbulence.

Then a Spitfire dives toward the ground. Not just for effect but because the engine has stopped!

The end

Another spitfire makes an abrupt landing and repairs are about to begin on the other!


And that was it! A few brave Pilots, No enemy aircraft to shoot at, too much wind and a reminder of last year when it was much better flying weather. Still the food was good and so was the company!

Thanks for the pictures 6T!

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