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Your guess is as good as mine!

How do you decide if the weather is good enough to chance a drive over to the flying field. Do you wet a finger and put it in the air? See how your favourite tree is reacting to the wind? Ring another club member? Watch the weather reports on TV? Well, if you are still undecided here are a few links to some tried and test weather sites. After you've looked at them you'll probably be none the wiser so go along anyway. If it's not flying weather you can always sit in the caravan with a nice cup of tea and talk about flying!
Wind Speed Converter
Kilometers per Hour ( km/h )
Knots ( kt )
Meters per Second ( m/s )
Miles per Hour ( mph )
Beaufort Scale
Sea State
Enter the wind speed in the appropriate units box. Press 'Return' or the 'Convert' button. Wind speeds for the other units are then displayed. The associated standard terms to describe wind and sea state are displayed. Press 'Reset' or click the cusor in any box to clear the boxes.

XC Weather

Met Office Weather Channel

Accu Weather Met Check


Try this weather link - Courtesy of Gary Garrot The PWS at Wool gives real time weather, what do you think?

Weather at Wareham Live Submitted by Ian Sapsed

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